Federal Court Continued Hearing on 9.8.2023: Showdown Between Purchasers and Developer post Ang Ming Lee Decision (Live Updates)

[LIVE] We will be providing live updates to the continued hearing in the Federal Court scheduled to begin at 9.00a.m. between purchasers and the Developer in respect of issues on LAD claims post Ang Ming Lee. [Prema Bonanza Sdn Bhd v Vignesh Naidu A/L Kuppusamy Naidu (Federal Court, Civil Appeal No.: 02(i)-72-08/2022(W) & 02(i)-74-08/2022(W)) & Obata-Ambak Holdings Sdn Bhd v Prema Bonanza Sdn Bhd (Federal Court, Civil Appeal No.: 02(i)-70-08/2022(W) & 02(i)-71-08/2022(W))].

[The updates for the previous hearings in the Federal Court can be found below:-

  • 4.26p.m. – The Court adjourned the hearing to 16.8.2023 with the continued submission by opponent counsels on Third Issue.
  • 2.40p.m. – The Court resumed the hearing with the continued submission by opponent counsels on Third Issue.
  • 1.11p.m. – The Court paused the hearing for a break and the hearing will be resumed at 2.30p.m.
  • 12.45p.m – Opponent counsels began submitting in reply to the Third Issue.
  • 9.50a.m. – Counsels started submission on Third Issue – Second Actor Theory.
  • 9.40a.m. – Senior Assistant Registrar announced the arrival of the presiding Federal Court judges.
  • 9.01a.m. – Senior Assistant Registrar announced the presiding Federal Court judges as follows: –
    • Y.A.A. Tan Sri Datuk Amar Abang Iskandar Bin Abang Hashim, PMR,
    • Y.A. Dato’ Zabariah Binti Mohd Yusof, HMP,
    • Y.A. Dato’ Sri Hasnah Binti Dato’ Mohammed Hashim, HMP,
    • Y.A. Datuk Harmindar Singh Dhaliwal. HMP, and
    • Y.A. Datuk Abdul Karim Bin Abdul Jalil, HMP.
  • 8.35a.m. – Watching brief solicitors have logged in.
  • 8.00a.m. – Solicitors for the Appellants and Respondent have logged in.
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