Ang Ming Lee Distinguished by the Court of Appeal in Obata-Ambak Holdings Sdn Bhd v Prema Bonanza Sdn Bhd

(Civil Appeal No. W-02(IM)(NCvC)-1204-06/2021 and Civil Appeal No. W-02(IM) NCvC)-1205-06/2021) Introduction These 2 appeals lodged in the Court of Appeal stemmed from from an action filed by purchasers in a . . .

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MC has no power to supply natural gas

Court of Appeal Civil Appeal No. W-01 (NCVC) (A)-480-09/2020 SOLARIS DUTAMAS MANAGEMENT CORPORATION v ENERGY COMMISSION OF MALAYSIA AND GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD FACTS: A letter dated 15.7.2019 was issued to . . .

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Ang Ming Lee Distinguished

WA-22NCVC-301-06/2020 Asmaziah Binti Abu Bakar v Prema Bonanza Sdn Bhd (High Court) WA-22NCVC-303-06/2020 Foong Chee Tek and another v Prema Bonanza Sdn Bhd (High Court) WA-22NCVC-305-06/2020 Obata-Ambak Holdings Sdn Bhd . . .

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