National Conference on Local Government Laws 2023 – Navigating Challenges, Sustaining the Future

We are delighted to announce that our Mr. Lai Chee Hoe has been extended an invitation to be a featured speaker at the National Conference on Local Government Laws 2023 which is scheduled to take place as follows: –

Date : 20th and 21st of September 2023

Venue : M Resort & Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

He will be speaking on the fast-developing topic of “Strata Titles & Management: Embracing New Challenges.” With his extensive experience in and beyond the courtrooms, he will provide a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies and evolving dynamics within this critical aspect of local governance and strata management.

For more details and registration, please refer to the attached brochure below.

Koo Jia Hung Profile Photo
Previously a Senior Legal Associate at Chee Hoe & Associates.
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